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Big Box Self Storage

Tonbridge, Kent


A project that began in September 2015 and was completed in March 2016, Tonbridge marks the sixth build that Daniel has completed for the owners of Big Box Storage.

The project started with the demolition of a car show room built in the 80’s, that was being used as a classic car dealer and hand wash company.

What was built in its place was a functional, 15,600sq.ft. steel portal frame building, brand new fencing, all aspects of the ground works and new landscaping to make the whole plot attractive. As the building is on a busy main road, it was important to consider all of these factors – although at 11m high, it was always going to be seen!

We have found from our many years of experience that each client has their own specific needs, ways of workings and expectations from the contractor. As such, we make a point of working closely with every client to understand their individual needs and make sure that we build this into our way of working.

This is the personal touch that a small team brings and why we have forged such a strong relationship with clients like Big Box Storage.